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It’s time. Let the world hear YOUR voice. Publish your book this year. Attend Author101 University, October 20th-22nd, 2016. Learn from KEVIN HARRINGTON, an Original Shark on the ABC hit, Emmy-winning TV show, Shark Tank. He’s also a Best-Selling Author. Kevin is also the Inventor of the Infomercial and As Seen On TV.   Earlybird price: $197 and you can take a friend FREE!https://mws89710.isrefer.com/go/A101/jc1/ BONUS!!!: Sign up by August 31st  [ Read More ]


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Attention Script-Writers and Dog Lovers! Check out this call for scripts from INKTIP: We are looking for completed, feature-length family-friendly dramedy scripts in which a dog plays a central role.  Submitted scripts should be heartfelt and lighthearted, with a mix of both drama and comedy that will be enjoyable for both kids and adults. Budget will be about $2 million.  Both WGA and non-WGA writers may submit. TO SUBMIT: 1.  [ Read More ]


On Wednesday, June 29th, Facebook announced that it will make a series of changes to its news feed algorithm. What? Again? Yup The intention is to more favorably promote content posted by the friends and family of users. History has shown there’s always a side effect to changes. If you use Facebook for business, this is important news for you. Content posted by publishers will show up less prominently in  [ Read More ]

People World

 I started this article with the title: Communicate Respectfully–We’re All in This Together. Then I changed my mind because I’m tired of keeping my mouth shut. Maybe you got me on a bad day, and maybe I’ll be sorry for writing this article, but nothing is going to stop me from doing so and posting it. If you were born or raised in the late 50s/60s, you’ll probably relate very  [ Read More ]

Bill Weiss Headshot

 I recently had the honor of interviewing author Bill Weiss, a 32-year veteran of the LASD. Bill had incredible experiences over those years and shares some of them in his soon to be released book, Never Again. The book chronicles his experience behind the scenes of the 1992 Los Angeles Riots–also referred to as The Rodney King Riots.   As the 25th anniversary of these events that impacted our country’s history  [ Read More ]

Mar Preston

I read a lot. In fact, it’s my major recreation. Most writers do. It’s not that we’re looking for ideas. Writers simply enjoy the dance and frolic of the printed word. And there’s something primitive in all of us, harking back to ancestral times sitting around the fire listening to a storyteller. Author Mar Preston Did you know there’s a Storytelling evening at Basecamp this Friday night? https://www.facebook.com/groups/124002567726461/ Reading also welcomes  [ Read More ]


Everybody’s talking about blogging! What’s the buzz about?   My friend, blogger Nancy Perkins recently researched the history of blogging back to its roots and what she found was interesting. You can read about it in the soon to be published, Writer to Writer series book, Success Mastery Edition. (I’m the publisher, so I’ll keep you posted.) Bottom Line: Blogging, like everything else is and will continue to EVOLVE. By  [ Read More ]


Authors and publishers of Kindle books — could you use some good news? How about GREAT news? For just $119, Kindle Book Authors will have a chance to participate in a beta program just launched by Goodreads. Publishers and self-published authors can now offer up to 100 copies of their Kindle ebooks in a giveaway. Don’t have a Goodreads account? Here is a simple video that will show you how to  [ Read More ]

Tammy Klinger Headshot

        There are three main reasons people blog: To Educate To Entertain To Inspire Wellness blogger Tammy Klinger is interested in all three, but the most important aspect of her mission is to inspire others to live a higher quality of life through wellness. Tammy had personal reasons for getting on track with her own life. Several years ago, while on the job, Tammy jumped out of  [ Read More ]

Janice Hoffman Headshot

   Relationships are NOT easy! Whether between consenting adults, parent-child, or the really challenging ones: family-of-origin relationships, they’re a LOT of work. Successful relationships require diligence by all parties involved. And, take it from someone who’s been married 26 years,  it isn’t always 50/50. Sometimes it’s 70/30 and other times, it can be 100/0. That DOES’NT mean someone has to lose. No matter what the percentage breakdown, if they are  [ Read More ]