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virtual assistant

Can a virtual assistant (VA) benefit your book business? As someone who has used the services of a VA since 2007, my answer is: Yes! Yes! A thousand times YES! A virtual assistant can help you organize your business and implement a social media strategy. VAs set appointments, follow up on leads and do any number of clerical tasks. The company I use, VAaGoGo.com run by Christina Littrell Williams, has helped me  [ Read More ]

HBSBX #1 Christina

Leadership is a privilege. It’s more than being high profile–it comes with responsibilities. As a position of influence, leadership also comes with a list of duties. These three qualities exemplify a propensity for strong leadership. Check Your Ego at the Door Positions of leadership afford many benefits. Most are loved and lavished. But when ego enters the picture, those benefits can become liabilities. We tend to pedestal our leaders; they  [ Read More ]

3 Ways to Sell Your Own Book — Move Aside Amazon!

Posted by Judith November - 6 - 2016 0 Comment
sell your own book

If you’re a Boomer, even on the tail-end like me, you know there was life before Amazon. Do you remember when there were two or three bookstores in the mall and at least one in every neighborhood? I do. As a reader, I wish it were still that way. I spent hours in The Bodhi Tree in downtown LA and in Barnes and Noble–both of which are still around. But  [ Read More ]


Are you curious about a product you could create that would help you sell books and/or generate more revenue? I’d guess about half the people reading this article are interested. The other half are thinking, “What? You mean my book won’t sell itself?” No, it won’t. The most labor-intensive and time-intensive aspect of your book business comes after you send the book off to the publisher. If you don’t believe  [ Read More ]


National Sandwich Day??? Being that there is a day to commemorate everything else, why not the sandwich? It is, of course, an American staple. What would lunch be without it? That in mind, if you were asked what sandwich most closely describes your book, how would you answer? When asked this question recently, I wasn’t quite sure how to answer. I don’t really eat sandwiches….  Aha! I just got an  [ Read More ]

Warning! Don’t Read This Article

Posted by Judith October - 31 - 2016 0 Comment

What? You’re still reading? You’ve just been victimized by the Law of Reverse Reaction. This law comes into play whenever someone tells you not to do something and you’re compelled to do it anyway. When someone says “Don’t turn around,” what do you do? You turn around. You can’t help yourself. We’re all powerless over the Law of Reverse Reaction. Why is this? As a hypnotherapist, I was taught that it’s  [ Read More ]

Designing Your Book Cover: 3 Essential Steps

Posted by Judith October - 31 - 2016 0 Comment
Book Covers

When should you begin choosing and designing your book cover? My answer is: the moment you know your title or have the concept of your book. Your book cover is your number one branding and marketing tool and there’s no reason to wait until your book is published to start working on it. Here’s a step-by-step process I teach my book coaching clients and students. I’m going to call it essential because  [ Read More ]

Are You Wearing a Mask?

Posted by Judith October - 30 - 2016 0 Comment

Are You Wearing a Mask? I live on a mountain in the Los Padres National Forest in California. There are no street lights so it’s really, really … really dark. The wind whooshes through the pines; first whispering and then crescendoing as it carries the scent of last night’s rain showers from one corner of the forest to the next. At the time of this writing, there are less than three  [ Read More ]

5 Master Keys to Book Marketing Success

Posted by Judith October - 29 - 2016 0 Comment

5 Master Keys to Book Marketing Success Your manuscript is edited … and edited … and edited. Finally, it’s published. After months — or YEARS — of hard work you can sit back and relax, right? Hardly. The next phase of your book project requires as much effort, if not more than the first. Please let me ask a question. Do you want to make money from your book(s) or  [ Read More ]

Who are you Targeting with Your Elevator Pitch?

Posted by Judith October - 28 - 2016 0 Comment
target elevator pitch

Who are you targeting with your 20-30 second elevator pitch? If you’re not sure, turn on your heels, take two steps backward and begin again. NOW is the time to go back and figure out who you’re trying to reach with your message and how you can pitch it in 60-90 words. Before we get going, let’s clarify the meaning of the question: What’s a target and what’s a pitch? Most  [ Read More ]