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Who are you Targeting with Your Elevator Pitch?

Posted by Judith October - 28 - 2016 Comments Off on Who are you Targeting with Your Elevator Pitch?

target elevator pitch

Who are you targeting with your 20-30 second elevator pitch? If you’re not sure, turn on your heels, take two steps backward and begin again. NOW is the time to go back and figure out who you’re trying to reach with your message and how you can pitch it in 60-90 words.

Before we get going, let’s clarify the meaning of the question: What’s a target and what’s a pitch? Most writers are linguistic learners and even some with less business savvy can probably figure this out on their own. Words make sense to us and definitions are often floating around in our heads waiting to attach themselves to new words that come our way.

Briefly, a target is the point at which you place your focus, and for the purpose of this discussion, a pitch attempts to introduce and persuade someone of something. An elevator pitch is anywhere from 20-30 seconds long. When you can train yourself to describe your book in 60-90 words, you have arrived.

As a writer, your pitch is most successful when aimed directly at your target audience. Who is that?

Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, knowing your target audience is the cornerstone in building your book business. It will direct every step you take for the rest of your career. As your business grows you might decide to change your target, redefine it or move in another direction but a starting point is vital.

A few questions to answer when crafting your elevator pitch:

  • What is Your Message? What do you want people to know about you, your book(s)?
  • Are you hoping to educate or is your audience already educated? Answering this question will help you focus your pitch delivery to two separate aspects of the same market.
  • Who will benefit by your message? How will they benefit?

This last question has to do with marketing:

  • Where can you find your target market? (Social media, meetup groups, networking events, etc.)

Writing an elevator pitch is easier than it may seem. Answer the questions above, pare down to the appropriate word count and then let your target audience/readers know where they can learn more abut you and your book(s).

Judith Head shotJudith Cassis is a New York Times Bestselling ghostwriter, blogger and book coach. She is the founder of The Golden Pen Writers Guild and Writers Mastermind Alliance and publisher of theWriter to Writer series. Follow her blog: www.judithcassis.com and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/judith.cassis. Private and group sessions are available for scheduling. Judith offers free group lectures and teleseminars based upon availability.  


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Judith has worked directly with my company in many areas using her expertise in all of them – writing press releases, writing promotional materials for events, brain storming to assist making my company products and services more accessible to the public.

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 Judith always encouraged, she can inspire you when you just draw a blank. Judith had changed my life and opened new paths for me to follow.” 

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